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Story of Cactus

Cactus is a company that designs and engineers wireless studio lighting equipment - flash triggers, portable flashes, laser triggers and other lighting and camera accessories. Cactus started from the needs of the photographer. And this continues to be the driving force behind our product development. How we get there largely depends on our observations of the world of photography. By studying comments on blogs and forums, reading suggestions from current users and first-hand testing in our studio, we discover new things that may eventually end up as a new project. At Cactus, we listen.

Cactus products are made for every photographer. We make our products available to everyone by offering Cactus at affordable prices while retaining high quality standards.

Cactus is proudly based in Hong Kong — one of the Four Asian Tigers. We take advantage of being in an international hub that houses professionals with multi-cultural backgrounds. Access to international design houses and consulting companies allow easy connection to Hong Kong’s convenient transport interchange and freedom of information, not to mention great accessibility to manufacturing plants in countries and regions around.

Research & Development

At Cactus, we put a lot of time, effort and funds into developing our products. Our in-house Research and Development team continuously dedicate pride and countless hours to ensure our designs are original and innovative. We take no short cuts. Every product starts from sketches and crazy ideas. Without failure, there wouldn’t be success. We learn from every step we take in order to bring a remarkable piece to you.

At Cactus, we research, design and engineer products in our Hong Kong studio and workshop. From the initial development phase of desktop studies, industrial design, feasibility tests, countless trials and errors, collaboration with factories all the way to final packaging, testing and inspection — each step is completed in-house by qualified and experienced professionals.

Our knowledgeable, in-house Quality Control team performs endless quality checks to ensure each Cactus unit functions properly when it arrives in your hands. Not only do we choose the best material at affordable pricing, we also select high quality internal parts to match the professional grade casing.

We take pride in our development process and stand firmly behind our products. The same is desired for Cactus users: to take pride in what they use to shoot the images they like.

Contact Us

Amplis Foto Inc.
22 Telson Road Markham, ON L3R 1E5

Telephone: 905.477.4111 Facsimile: 905.477.2502

E-mail: info@amplis.com

Buy Online: store.amplis.com